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Tied To The Source 3:103

It is imperative....Imperative!!? Imperative suggest that this is something that should not be avoided and you would greatly benefit by abiding or instituting this into your life performances. Lets' take a look.

It is imperative to apply by imposing no restraint fortifying the ideal, your moral integrity and your mental and spiritual disposition, the revealed sciences, by means of implementing the regulatory judgement of standards, rules, and regulations as the authority in the accumulative life experience, that is expressed in The Quran. This enactment is literally, the holding on to the Rope of Allah.

Ideal....the concept of something in its highest regard due to its excellence and perfection is to be understood or imagined. To take hold would suggest to utilize in a substantial manner, having the affection and regardfulness to adhere out of passion because of its importance and validity to ones life, in ones life. To take hold suggest that one first empty the hands of what they may have held on to, especially if it does not provide the best of what has been prescribed for you.

Verily for those who will follow the imperatives of Allah, and adhere to them, is a light, a healing, and security, when we do not separate from the imperatives, never allowing partnership in Allah Rule.


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