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Collective Success 3:103

Collectively with mutual support, firmly grab on to the mental, spiritual, and moral strength of the Qu’ran and do not become divided. The Quran is the rope of Allah, so apply it to your everyday circumstances.

Its wisdom and logic are healing, protecting, and elevating for all of humanity to benefit from it if practiced with a sincere heart.

Therefore serve your Creator, the same Creator that created the heavens and the earth, be genuine, give good advice to each other and do not associate Him with anyone.

We are living in times where we must stay focused on what is true. We must not get distracted by the illusions, which can cause us to become delusional. Grabbing on to the rope is our safety net and the shining bright light that helps us to remember His favors and connect us to prosperity. Aren’t we grateful?

We will be tested. So be mindful and don't waste valuable time repeating the same mistakes after clear guidance. Repent, ask for forgiveness, and then move forward in doing good works.

Trust the process in the revelation, and join together, so that we can achieve collective progress for greater success.


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