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The Lifeline from Within the Intellect 3:103

And hold fast to the Qur'an that which applies to every band consolidating the laws, and judgments that composes a concern within every group's supporting society.

And don't differ or breakup, and envision the existence with adequate thanks of earthly and worldly goods to you.

When you were concealingly wishing evil to others then He gathered love between your understanding.

So by earthly and worldly goods you became brothers, and you were upon the edge of the earths alarming disposition of a drop from the fire of the hereafter then He rescued you from it.

G-d The Most High created mankind with a protection from within. No matter what the environment is around always know G-d is in control.

As seen through the history of the lives of Prophets there were many oppressors.

The covenant that the Prophets followed is a clear light and it is a beneficial healing of protection to whoever touches it.

G-d is pleased with the ones that worship and obey Him. When it seems as if one of the believers has failed or fallen off the edge G-d brings him back to life.

Never break away from the Qur'an and seek to envision all the earthly goods that has made love between the understanding. Hold fast to the rope of G-d and never associate anything with Him.


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