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The Rope of Allah That Unites  3:103

Cling to the mental and spiritual tie of Allah as a community supporting one another, and do not differ and do not be scattered. Call to mind the spiritual and worldly excellence of Allah on you when you were among those who conceal hatred and they desire with it harm. And He brought you together in your minds by love. So by His spiritual and worldly excellence you became brothers. You were on the edge of the fire of the next life and He rescued you from it. Thus does Allah explain and make apparent the sciences, the wonders, and the proofs so that you believe.

The rope of Allah is the Qur'an, a mental and spiritual tie that brings the community of people together in love. It is a clear light and a beneficial healing for the thinking of those who would be enemies of each other if it were not for worldly and spiritual favors of Allah to them.

Allah wants us to be a community not divided and He wants us to be loyal and sincere to each other and to whoever is a guardian or leader over the affairs of the community.

The tie of allegiance to Allah and to each other allows us to enjoy community security. The tie is a hand hold that never breaks. We have to break with it. It never breaks with us.


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