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Healing, Protecting, and Saving the Heart and Mind 3:103

If you believe you are commanded to hold on to Allah ‘s rope which is the Quran. It is a clear light, a beneficial healing, a protection and a salvation for whoever Allah causes to follow it. The Quran causes to set free a spiritual shackle that reaches the whole group. It bounds together those that Allah causes to contemplate on it, and what it includes by its law, and judgments.

Those who submit to Allah are commanded to be a community who mutually support and trust each other and don’t argue and splinter into groups. You call to mind with gratitude Allah’s excellent spiritual and worldly benefits and remember when you were people who harbored extreme hatred and you caused injustice and injury.

Then Allah joined your hearts with love and set free the intellect. So, by His favors on you, you became brethren and He removed you from the destructive fire of passions and fire of intelligence. Then He rescued you from it. Allah clarifies and makes visible His symbols, proofs, sciences, warning and lessons that you may believe.

If we are to become a model community and exemplify The Prophet today, we are to be bonded to the Quran by learning to read it in Arabic, understand it and apply it. Allah has commanded us to grasp and hold on to it and never let go.

This community will help and mutually support each other without feelings of hatred, envy and jealousy even when differences of opinions arise, and the people will be able to disagree but not split to form another group. It will remember that Allah saved it from the fire of arrogance and remember the Quran sets us free to think and allows for differences of opinions within a community. It will be reminded of Allah’s benefits and the Quran as a source to heal, clarify, protect and save from whatever obstacles it is faced with.


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