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The Rope That Never Breaks 3:103

And hold on to the rope applies to the spiritual tie that connects firmly altogether, and follow what the Quran ensure of its religious law and judgment with mutual support, and do not differ causing you to become separate, call to mind with proper gratitude for good religion, for you opposed one another wanting evil by it. Then He brings you together upon love. He sets free the intellect.

You were a part of the dust of the Earth, then He eased and saved you. Thus Allah makes plain and visible the sciences, miracles, proofs and lessons perhaps you may believe. We are spiritual beings living in a world of conflicting ideas and undesirable influences. In order to understand our purpose in life and to manage our life we must hold firmly altogether to the rope, a rope which never breaks, the Quran, it is the clear light, a beneficial healing, a protection and a salvation teaching us how to express and glorify G-d for the favour He bestowed on us.


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