Life from the Lifeless 6:95

October 16, 2018


Surely God is the One who splits open the wheat and the date and brings out the grain and the date-seed from the sprouts of the plants.  Human beings develop in a similar and unique way from the sperm-drop and the egg.  He calls into being life from the lifeless and the lifeless from life.  That is God!  How then are you averted away from the long-term success and prosperity that He desires for you for short-term existence?


Today we can observe a lively society that grew successfully from agriculture, industrialization and now technological advancements now facing lifelessness because of the growing moral corruption.


The acts of greed, selfishness, wanting dominance over others, as well as, the activities of child molestation, sexual harassment in the workplace, drugs and gun violence are eating away at the attainment of the maximum success that our Creator designed for man.




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