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Come Back to Life 6:95

Allah shows us in a metaphor that He splits out seed from a date and brings forth life. That seed appears lifeless, but with proper cultivation it will become a product that is useful to mankind. Without the proper care it cannot reach its full potential and will be of no benefit to anyone.

Likewise with the human being. Allah places a seed in the mother's womb. When that life is nurtured and cared for properly it will become a benefit to the world. If it is neglected and poorly developed they may become detrimental to us.

Today we have people thinking that wrong is right and right is wrong, trying to create a new normal for this society. They are morally corrupt , negatively influencing others. They are the walking dead, they once had a good life but have lost it. Then you have those who were once considered dead and they have decided to make a change. They stopped their foolish ways , worked on their weaknesses and give themselves completely to G-Ds will. They came back to life.


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