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  • Patricia Ni’ma-Mohammed

The Abundance of Rewards for The Believers 2:126

Ibrahim said: My lord, "make this area protected for its dwellesr and give them abundance that they believe in Allah and the day of judgement".

Allah promises the doers of good who believe in him and the Day of reckoning, an abundance of rewards. A few being, his covenant, eternal life, and his protection. Whereas the wrongdoers also have a promise from Allah that they cannot escape from.

It is the benefits of THIS world (for a time,) and no cultivation for their deeds in the future. It goes without saying that no matter how much suffering the righteous may endure, Allah promises not to place on each one of his servants MORE than they can bear.

Therefore, it would behoove the believers in Allah and the Last Day to continue to turn toward him for forgiveness and mercy.

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