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  • Aqila Sharif-Hanifa

The Evolution of Living Organisms 6:95

Surely G-d splits the grain of plants and the date seed to grow and produce various specific types, colors and shapes. He causes the evolution of living organisms (animate) to produce from its seed the living from the lifeless and the lifeless from the living. That is G-d and proof of His power. There is no reason to turn away from faith with false beliefs.

The development of the seed whether by plants or the egg and sperm of humans is a struggle, sometimes causing death that G-d brings to life.The seed of the human being does not always refer to the physical body. The moral life and death in Scripture of the human being is based upon his behavior, the judgement of right and wrong, and the goodness and correctness of character.

Conforming to these standard conditions in faith constitutes the moral life and death of the human being. Turning away from these standards shows no growth from moral corruption and the seed of that behavior will be recycled into society repeatedly due to regression.


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