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  • Terrence S. Furqan

A Town of Security 2:126

And when Abraham said: My Lord, make this a town (Mecca) whose companions are endowed with peace or security and give excellence to its inhabitants from one of the fruits of the produce of the tree.

The Prophet Abraham prayed to his Lord for peace and security for a town in which he was in. Those who believe in G-d should follow Abraham’s example and ask their Lord for the same. A city in which there is no hunger, no bloodshed, and no oppression.

And the believers, who are in cities where they are suffering the effects of criminal behavior, should not worry about wrongdoers enjoying some of the pleasures of this world, because the wrongdoers’ comfort is only for a little while.

The wrongdoer’s condition has earned them the chastisement of the fire, a place where they will not find any escape for a long time. And the believers have the promise of paradise.


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