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The Spiritual Life Rules the Physical Life 2:260

Take four from every possessor of wings that swims in the air, teach and train them; Then place a portion of them on every mountain in the land that you live in. A mountain is symbolic of government and rulership that is necessary to stabilize the society just as mountains stabilize the earth. A bird is symbolic of people who have mastered the ability to rise above their physical desires and think on a spiritual level. There are four aspects of our original nature that must be attended to or we will die spiritually. They are the material nature, moral vision, wisdom and spiritual vision. We need to train portions of people to be spiritually and rationally balanced in these four aspects of our original nature. Once they are trained we should put one portion of them over the institutions of science, knowledge, business and guidance that we have built. Placing the portions of spiritually disciplined people over these institutions means that the material life must always be governed by the spiritual life. If not, we may become selfish, greedy, materialistic and immoral and die spiritually. In this world today we have institutions/government that are ruled over by immoral and spiritually blind leaders who are on the same level or lower than the ones that they’re supposed to be leading. Because the leaders are spiritually blind they’re not protecting the society by educating it with Divine guidance but instead they are feeding the society lies, suspicions, racism and superstitions and dividing and misleading the society. The Socialist, Communist and Democratic governments have failed because they tried to build a society without G-d’s guidance. It’s the job of spiritually awakened leadership to protect the unawakened masses by teaching them Divine truth and to provide a spiritually guided life that leads to excellent community life for all citizens equally.


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