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Four from the Bird 2:260

He said take four from the bird and hope and cause them to come near to you;

Then induce a portion of them to be on each mountain.

In religious language, a mountain means government or structured society and the bird is symbolic of the Qur’an. A bird can be anything that swims through the air. The portions trained by the Qur’an will fly and be dominant in the mountains. That is to say, people who are taught the Qur’an will do well in their society and they will return to their trainer because there is no greater knowledge than the spiritual knowledge of G-d. People trained with Qur’anic knowledge will be successful in their social and economic lives and they will maintain their Islamic life because it allows them to be successful in their community and their society. Since I have been trying to practice Al-Islam, I have had more success and I have been more at peace with myself and I also know others who have improved their lives by practicing Al-Islam.


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