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The Rising 2:260

When Prophet Abraham asked his Lord to explain how He raised the dead, he was told to take four from the bird species that swim through the air with wings, train them to come close when you call them, then place a portion of each bird on every mountain of your land. Bird and mountain both have symbolic meanings. The bird can be a symbol of knowledge and mountains are symbolic of governments. A portion of specific knowledge wholeheartedly accepted can make the inner life of the people of those governments capable of creating a heaven on earth. It is the inner life of mankind that causes the rise or fall of civilizations, not physical might or wealth. It is the inner life that must come alive to what will produce a new mind and a new world. The above-mentioned narrative demonstrates that we are all included in the Creator's plan to evolve human life. The fact is, we have already received specific knowledge from the Creator through the Prophets and others that can bring a new world into our experience and allow us to bring possibilities into reality as our lives become one with the Creator's message. At this very moment, the faithful are evolving to meet the challenge of creating a new mind and a new life experience, as are the sincere servants of the Creator. All of our efforts to respond to the Creator's challenge are inspired by Him and we place our trust in Him.


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