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Abraham The Upright 4:125

4.125 Ali Aqeel No one is more beautiful and better in terms of prescribed religion and devotion than whomever dedicates, and has submitted his whole heart and body to Allah the Most High. Then he embodies excellence sincerely. He is caused to follow the prescribed religion and devotion of Abraham (pbuh) and his principles, a way that turns away from corrupt ideas and vain principles to the good and the truth. Indeed Allah established and developed Abraham (pbuh) and he took him clearly from the remainder of his creation. In this is the sign; the confirmed choice of the friend of Allah. Correct religion is embedded with prescribed principles and dedicated devotion. Whomever decides to travel the path of correct religion will find principles that lead from corruption and vanity to goodness and truth. Then Allah intervenes and supports the development of his creation as he intended.


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