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The Faith of Ibrahim 4:125

Surah 4:125

And who is it that can be more beautiful and greater in excellence in revealed religious laws and acts of devotion than one who, of his own accord, has faithfully devoted and submitted himself entirely to G’d? No one. It he this person who is is sincerely obedient in carrying out what Allah commands. He is a virtuous performer of good deeds for G’d with faith, affirming the Oneness of G’d. In conforming with the faith and religious creed of Ibrahim, the Upright, in Al Islam, one must incline entirely away from evil and the path of all false religions towards the correct religion of excellence and truth of Ibrahim. Because of Ibrahim’s loyal and virtuous character and his sincere obedience to G’d, G’d took him, a man of pure faith, to become bonded as His loving sincere friend.

To support mankind’s natural growth and development in creation, G’d aided man with religious laws and human models demonstrating how to engage creation through acts of service spiritually, intellectually, and socially. Man strayed away from right guidance by refusing to take heed to the signs and sciences that were provided by G’d to sustain his total life. His irrational and immoral interaction with creation has negatively influenced the appetites in man’s thinking. One of many consequences for their deviant behaviors and disconnect between revealed scripture and the sciences subsequently created an imbalance in the earth’s environment excreting a highly contagious virus unknown to man .

This silent deadly virus has claimed the life of millions all over the world. The onslaught of this disease brought havoc to the daily routine of living by drastically decreasing human activities in public sector warranting man’s mind and body to be ultimately placed in Quarantine.

This extreme and unfamiliar pause in societal activities can be seen as a Mercy from G’d knowingly and unknowingly. The silencing of the distracting societal noises and the ceasing of man’s strutting about aimlessly have provided opportunities for man to ponder and reflect on self, family and societal needs. This Pandemic that has forced man to bear witness and acknowledge the Oneness of G’d through the coming together of the moral and rational minds of humanity to extract the sciences in G’d’s creation to bring a new normalcy to life.

A sense of urgency had to occur to force man to act responsibly in re-directing himself and the world back towards excellence and turning the lights back on in the intellect and the soul. Man must incline away from all false religions (selfish pride, unchecked egos, misguided traditions in community life, the multiplicity of gods, etc.), towards the the correct religion that is established to support and cultivate the original ( Hanif ) nature which is the essence of man’s soul. Freeing this original nature, that’s naturally inclined to seek balance in all endeavors, can be accomplished by conforming sincerely to the religious creed of Ibrahim, the pure in faith in submission to the will of G’d. Ibrahim reached the ultimate closeness to G’d when G’d took him as a loving sincere Friend due to his obedience and seeing G’d as One. Following Ibrahim’s pattern of life must include sincerity of faith in the heart and an outward expression of rational knowledge in action for the sake of G’d. When these two inseparable sources of knowledge are utilized and put into application through serving humanity, man would inevitably increase his proximity to his Creator as he journey towards the Promised Destiny.

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