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Ibrahim The Friend 4:125

And who has a more beautiful and excellent rightfulness and worship than he who has dedicated and submitted his nature to Allah? And he performs good deeds faithfully and he followed the faith of Ibrahim, inclining away from the evil and straying from the right path to the good and truth, and Allah created and caused to be made of Ibrahim a loving loyal friend.

When Ibrahim submitted his heart and his entire body to the concept of the Oneness of G-d, the process of submission was performed and completed upon Ibrahim’s heart and total body. In response to this process of submission, Ibrahim perfected his religious practices to the highest and most beautiful level. How many of us can say that we have perfected the submission of our hearts and total being to G-d or are we still a work in progress?

Today, we see corrupted beliefs and oppressive religious practices. The most obvious is the display of G-d in human form and with false human emotions. But for those who say they believe only in one G-d what other practices have we created that have become our false gods? Have we accepted the materialism of this world or the false emotional sentiments as our gods? Physical control can only exist in the presence of oppression of the heart, mind, and soul. If we want to free ourselves and humanity, then we must eliminate the worship of false gods and the false prescription of religious practices within ourselves and society.

Should we not study the logic of creation and the grammar and structure of scriptures that have been given to us by G-d? Or do we continue to blindly follow what our forefathers or others have given us without understanding the reasoning to satisfy our souls? What better deed can we faithfully perform then helping to free the slave of false worship?

And certainly, G-d rewarded Ibrahim by creating and developing from within him a pure soul from all of mankind, thus Ibrahim becomes the loving, loyal friend of Allah.


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