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Way to Victory 22:78 Millah

You are commanded to strive against the unbelievers in the religion of Allah with complete and perfect devotion in striving. He chose and selected you. He introduced order and regulation upon you in His law, His obedience, His compliance, religious observances and restrictions. It is the religion and law of your father Ibrahim.

Allah, the most high, legislated religion and laws to His worshipers through the tongues of the prophets to obtain nearness to Him. Allah wants the efforts of a special group of people to establish a model community with the hopes, the aspirations, and the upright nature of our father Ibrahim.

We can do this! Be the special people that are a continuation of the special people that evolved out of Medina, Asia, Europe, West Africa and now today in the U.S.A.

Our Imam wanted a better future living through us! Reading, comprehending, and applying the Qur’an will do this!


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