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Elevation in Religion - Millah 22:78

Fight those who are neglectful of G-d by advancing in what has been completed and perfected for you. He has selected you based on your desire to be pure and good. Therefore, He did not need to pass a judgement to establish you to be narrow minded, constrained or oppressive in obedience to Him.

Those of us who have a good nature and are pure at heart are drawn to the truth. It is complete and perfect and acts as a warning and a protection to us. Our method of elevating truth over falsehood is to seek and exemplify it in our day to day life in order to fight those who work to obstruct it. If we are true to this nature, we will not judge people as if having them stand in a religious court by pressuring them into understandings, rituals or traditions. We cannot expect to advance in religion until we understand and accept that this is not how we are to practice religion.


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