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  • Patricia Ni’ma-Mohammed

Religion of Al-Isam and the Path of Ibrahim 22:78 Milla

They fight the unbelievers by lifting the religion of Allah and by investing their whole self in the true reality of striving. He has selected the virtuous of you and ordained the established religious law of obedience and submission to worship. There is no harshness in the belief of the ordained way (Millah) of your father Ibrahim.

There is a difference between the religion of Al-Islam and the path of Father Ibrahim. Religion of Al-Islam means faith that has determined our lives. Ibrahim is called the Father of Faith and the Leader for all Nations. The path of Ibrahim, therefore, is in his aim or aspirations. The ordained way of Ibrahim is not used in the tradition of the religion of G-d, or as the ordained way of Prophet Muhammed, nor will you find it as an attachment to G-d. However, you will find it as the aim or aspiration of Ibrahim. Although we are to separate the two, as with the religion of Al-Islam, the ordained way of Ibrahim has rules and regulations as well.

When we refer back to the time before he submitted himself totally to G-d, Ibrahim did his own research. He found that things people were worshiping are themselves servants of G-d. In addition, the conflict that Ibrahim had with his father, can be related to the world as it is today. Those that practice the aim or path of Ibrahim are like children, aspiring to be upright. Today’s world is like the father of Ibrahim where true worship and community life are a threat to their G-ds. Therefore, we should follow the path of Ibrahim who made the ultimate sacrifice to be upright. He was not of the polytheists and

G-d took him as a friend.

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