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Ibrahim’s Vision 22:78 Millah

Fight the disbelievers of Allah’s religion The Most High with all one’s efforts genuinely subservient, a fight that we’re obligated to fight. He has chosen you because of your purity and selected you because of your good deeds and has not introduced and imposed upon you restrictions in religious law, obedience, and submission to Allah and His worship.

We accept what comes from the tongue of the Prophet and it brings us closer to Allah

Our religion and religious law is the same as that of Ibrahim. The best expression for Ibrahim’s religion and religious law in English is destiny.

The destiny that we’re trying to get to is community life. Ibrahim, by struggling to give himself completely to G-d, perceived a vision of what the whole life of the human being is and what it looks like.

Muhammad and his followers are the inheritors of the promise that G-d made to Ibrahim. We’re to be witnesses for all of mankind by building a model community. So, Muslims will be a witness and example to the world that Allah had fulfilled His promise, completed His favor and had perfected for us our religion and chosen for us Al-Islam.

Some people think that the only service that Al-Islam has to offer is a spiritual service and they don’t recognize the need to educate the people like Ibrahim did. To get a fuller understanding of the message of the Qur’an, we need to be taught proper pronunciation, how to read the Arabic and how to extract the abstract meanings from the general instructions written in the Qur'an. Without proper education, the people may become superstitious worshipers. The religion of Ibrahim is to educate the people and to fight against the spiritual and physical forces in our lives. When you see a community that strives for spiritual and material advancement, you’re seeing a community that is extending the vision of Ibrahim.


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