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Consequences of Actions 17:13

And We have made every man’s portion of good or evil to be attached to his neck, and We will expose and reveal to him on the day the people will be awakened from their tombs a page from a book of action which he will find spread wide open.

G-d has created the human person with an innate obligation to be responsible for their own actions; as the saying goes, “you reap what you sow.” There are rewards and consequences in the daily performance of the human life. The benefits are received and cherished while the harm is dreaded and agonized.

Every person is stuck with the consequences of their actions whether good or bad. Life has choices, and what the individual chooses to send out that is desirable will return to them and what is sent out that is detrimental will also return to them. Thus, these reveal the consequences of their actions as a written book spread open.

Being obligated and accepting responsibility should be a priority in the life of the human person. Parents with children, whether married or single, have an obligation to properly care for their children and give them the best that they can afford, keeping them clean and dressing them decently. This should be done out of the love and the responsibility they have for the children and not as a show.

Circumstances should not be left to fate. Challenges must be confronted responsibly in order to improve the situation. Even the bird who soars freely through the air has a responsibility to build a nest, search for food, and feed the young ones. The soul of the human being is like a bird soaring without limits, beyond boundaries and feeding on the conceptual and material food of its environment.

It is the individual’s responsibility to select what is best for its soul’s success and reject what will cause its failure. On the day of accountability the actions of the individual will be exposed and spread wide open for them to receive directly.

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