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Be Conscious of Our Deeds 17:13

And to every human being We have appointed and closely connected his destiny from the good or bad. And how the responsibility was handled will appear and be evident. And We will bring forth on the day when the people will be called forth from their graves a journal of deeds, which he will find outstretched and open.

We should come to realize that no matter how long our stay is on this earth we should live under some type of authority or command. It also gives an idea like a bird that opens his wings to incline to higher heights as it tries to gather the best from the earth what is needed for its life. We should realize that all human beings are responsible for their actions from the good or bad and should not be forced to improve their conditions. Therefore in our own pursuits to improve our life we must be careful of the influences in the environment and encourage our children to excellence even if it comes only from the mother and not the father.

Our life of good fortune or bad fortune is tied to how we handle our responsibility and we are not to blame anyone but ourselves. We should come to see that in revealed scripture is the answer for an excellent life. More importantly, it uplifts the mind and the intellect for us to benefit society and produce strong and better prepared leaders. The human being, male or female, gets what he or she makes an effort for and it will soon be realized.


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