• Alfonso Saahir

Take Control of Your Life 17:13

We made it inherent that every man should be observant, for his destiny lies upon his own shoulders. This will become apparent and clear to him on the day when man will be raised from the grave and given a copy of his written evidence.

Knowledge that we live by and understand, we have a command over it. This is the knowledge of the manifestation of possibilities that will allow us to spend our energy on things that we can control. Our spirit needs to harness this creative energy and adhere to the righteousness of the good that is in the soul.

Knowledge that we live by and don’t understand we have no command over it. Allah commands and determines this knowledge because He is aware of the complete details of all matters in their appointed time and space.This elevated knowledge comes from the verses that are on the pages of the Qur’an. When we open this book, it spreads its wings out like a bird and Allah’s speech gives us a glimpse through a window into the grandeur of the universal systems of knowledge to navigate our lives.

We should not allow anyone’s unhealthy interpersonal behavior compel us to lose the logic in the matter and become so bitter that we deny having the regardfulness we need for our soul. Our frustrated feelings can create a constant burden of dissatisfaction thus trapping us in the oppression of our own mind.

Take responsibility for our own life and use a creative response when we are in unhealthy interpersonal behavior relationships. Create a new opportunity for living an honorable and admirale life. Love Allah and want His friendship and do not abandon Him. We then will be keeping something of His Spirit from the origin of the time when the sperm inherited the soul to become its director over our mind and over our sentiments.


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