• Rudolph Muhammad

Wings of Fate 17:13

And for every human being We have adhered and made manifest the unveiling of his life's actions to him; at the Time of Returning to Life, in which he will obtain an accurate preservation.

The fate of the family has been influenced by the social condition and the personal choices of parents and elders. The fate of the society is determined by the directives and personal choices of government and it's citizens. Man only gets in his life what he strives for. This puts responsibility in everybody's hands for their own fate. This reality has forced family guardians to be resolved to have faith in G-d, while being diligent in working hard and having good morals.

In order for society to be victorious over it's pandemic ills, we must make regardfulness for the Creator, foremost in our lives as well as diligent cleanliness.

The outcome of man's fate is like a bird that flies out in the morning to seek daily sustenance for his family. When he returns to the nest, the result of his work will be manifested.

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