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The Trees in The Two Gardens 2:35

To Adam, We said, “You and your wife live in a peaceful habitation in the Garden, of nature’s trees, streams that bear fruit, and the two of you make it public property for the use of others. Do an abundance of good, and you both wish to become close and not cause hardship in it.

One of the trees that stands upon a trunk from the vegetation, comes exceeding all bounds with disbelief or immorality of the Jinn.

Ecologist says trees contain a non-human intelligence that is not of a conscience nature, but a non-conscience nature that forms a community and of a spiritual nature but without a soul. The scriptures say also that the likeness of the creation and growth and life of human beings is like that of plants and trees.

Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce for breathing the oxygen that keeps our lungs clean by removing the airborne pollutants in the atmosphere. This is the nature of the tree, to benefit man and why man is required to preserve them.

There were two gardens that had trees in it that one can logically think today that the forbidden tree was not hidden. Figuratively, the two gardens are the intellect. G-d gave humans a brain with two sides, that scientists say has a left side of which we think logically with our intellect and the right side that forms our creativity. The tree in Qu’ran is used as an example for a conceptual idea, of a way of life or code of life. A good conceptual idea is represented as a good tree and a bad conceptual idea is represented as a bad tree which is the Jinn overriding the intelligence.

It’s a knowledge concept that shapes our perception and establishes what’s good and what’s evil for human beings, what we want and what we should not want as it was revealed to Adam and his wife.

That tree is the world we are living in with all the pleasures man desires from religion, family, wealth, education, science, to fornication. G-d warned the man not to submit to the Jinn of evil ideas, and to use the receptors of his five senses to do good, not evil.

The metaphoric picture means that G-d put in human nature the fear of going against the righteous conscience that is within him. Adam and his wife are our first parents and were given the responsibility for keeping the Garden pure and beautiful like it was when He put them there, and that is how we are supposed to live in this morally troubled world.

Your conscience is not always right, but it is always righteous, if in accord with the will of G-d.

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