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Garden of Grace 2:35

Adam and his wife had free reign in the Garden of Grace. They were able to partake of everything there for their consumption. They were warned by their Creator not to consume anything from a certain tree since it was not placed there by Him. Adam disobeyed these instructions and his divine protection was cutoff. His punishment was that he became susceptible to the whispers of the enemy of human nature and placed with the rebellious people.

The trees in the garden represent knowledge ,intellect, benefits and many other good things that our Lord has provided us. When we study the life of what is inhabited in the garden then we obtain science that we can apply in our lives. Some life in the may appear beautiful to the eye but are harmful for you and should left alone.

We are advised that there are some things that have good in them but the outcome of bad consequences outweigh the benefits. Mankind rationalizes these warnings and make bad decisions resulting in eating from the trees of deception, falsehood, and greed. The rebellious ones dwell in those gardens of Hell.

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