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  • Rosemary Sharifah Sierras

The Garden, Tree of Choice 2:35

And We said, Oh Adam, stand you and your mate erect in the paradise, with its shade trees and streams, and eat often, and as much as you want, from its delicious fruits; but do not come near this single tree, for then you will be guilty of unbelief and sin.

The picture of the beginning of man in a Garden, in a beautiful environment, is really a picture of the world to come, more so than a picture of what the world was. G-d is telling us how He began the creation of human beings, so we will focus on the future and know we are going to have to accept the plan of G-d, as it is explained in scripture. The scriptures of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

The garden and everything in it is from G-d, except the forbidden tree. The garden has this tree of knowledge; the knowledge of good and evil. But it’s a tree that G-d forbids. It’s a knowledge that establishes, or pretends to establish, what is good and what is evil for human beings. What we should want, and what we should not want. The knowledge from this tree is the world we're living in right now.

It serves us better when we understand the garden or paradise, as G-d's wish for mankind. When we understand scripture, the Bible, Quran, and other scriptures too, we understand that scripture sees the world differently. Not with the eyes of the secular world and not with our eyes. It sees the world as the voice of G-d Himself. G-d’s voice speaking. The universe speaking. The material system of matter speaking. However, most people are unaware and heedless of these signs.

When making us, G-d knew that some of us would be weak, but He also knew that a few of us would be strong and would survive every attempt of this world to destroy our original nature that He made for us.

G-d made the world to favor human life, not to curse it. It was the satan that covered the garden and tricked man into thinking it was no longer real. It was the satan that tricked us into believing it was Eve who ate from the tree.

G-d created us as one human family. All the people of the great religions have been informed by their scriptures that we will have to be conscious of the oneness of the human family and work together for a beautiful life of peace and prosperity.

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