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The Religion of Truth 61:9

He sent a command that the religion is the divine guidance of the revealed truth of Al Islam or Allah’s law of Al Islam because it is His truth. He made it clear the religion is above other religions. Many idolaters form a partnership with Allah.

He says the origin of the truth is the agreement and conformity upon His highest point.

Four conditions and points of the origin of truth and its reality:

The thing created requires by reason Allah’s wisdom, and reality, of which he is protector of the truth.

Death is truth and resurrection are truth. That is in accordance with the wisdom required by the actions of Allah that is a reality by He who placed the sunshine and moonlight.

Strong faith in a thing is when that thing upon that person is in himself. The strong faith of the person in the resurrection, rewards, punishment, paradise, and the fire, is truth by the one who believes Allah, guided by what they differed in from the truth.

Your actions are truth and your speech is truth in accordance and is obligatory in the time for those who are obligated just as the word of your Lord is truth

He embodies all truth, and who has had no origin, and is therefore perfect and eternal. Many primitive forms of religion were in existence before our standard religion was revealed, but origin is not perfection, origin is truth before it unfolds. It is revealed by recognition or reason. All the developments of life are a growth process. Religion is a path to growth processes.

There are the individual’s physical or biological, moral, mental, intellectual, and spiritual growth processes to establish the person that Allah wants. It reaches that central human being which is the resurrection of truth.


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