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Religion of Truth 61:9

Allah is the true reality, He has given us His light and sent us a messenger with clear understanding and instructions so that they may prosper in this world.

Our actions and behavior reflect it like the moon reflects the illumination of the sun. Islam is elevated over all religions despite the negative comments from nonbelievers and the ignorant. This life starts with Him which makes us obligated to be in agreement with His laws, compliant to his commands and demonstrated in our actions and behavior.

We live in a time where many people are liars, deceivers and cheaters. This way of life has become the norm. They will have you believe that righteousness is wrong and immorality is acceptable. People should be honest with themselves in all situations. Whether it's for you or against you or your loved ones. We are to be established in this world of reality. It is constantly changing , what was true years ago may no longer be true. Allah is the originator of this world. It starts with Him and this obligates us to conform to His laws. This shows that we are in agreement, compliant and it is demonstrated in our character.

Acknowledge your reality, it's what you believe before you face the inevitable reality. We all will see it on the day of judgment when we are resurrected.

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