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  • Latifah F. Waheed Wangara

Al-Islam is the True Religion 61:9 (Truth)

Allah is He who dispatched His messenger, with guidance based on reality and established on the firm foundation of the True Religion; that is clear, obvious and distinct over all other forms of worship. Even though those who setup partners and associates with Allah may loath, detest and hate it.

Prophet Muhammed was commissioned to let the truth be known that would revive and awaken the conscience of those who believed in the message and disturb those with many views and beliefs about Allah, Highly Glorified is He.

The Truth is what separates Al Islam from other religious ideas and philosophies and leads to proper regard and understanding of faith. The words and decrees of Allah come into effect and are proved true. The resurrection, the reward, the paradise and the fire, are all true.

Because we agree and conform firmly to the truth, our obligatory duty and principle of faith should radiate in our lives like the sun, our actions should be true, and our speech should be true to Allah’s Decrees. We are grateful and thankful to Allah for sending His Messenger to guide us to the True Religion.


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