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  • Alfonso Saahir

The Distinct Soul 91: 7-10

Allah created the soul distinct without disparity. He dispose in it order so that it would not be a rebellious contender. Indeed one attains the benefit and gets the increase and the victory of success when he reconciles with his soul. A cultivated refined heart that is free from disgraceful, shameful and foolish acts is the stimulate that will keep our soul in a state of obedience to our Lord.

The purpose of the soul is to serve the Will and Plan of Allah. Every child is born into the true original nature. They are born with the desire to live in peace with the Creator, with man and with the harmony that is in the creation that Allah has made.

Anyone that is operating from the law of habits that governs animals instincts only, is a beast with a defect in their natural course of decency and justice for humanity. This gives you a sense that something has been cut off from which stops them from submitting their wholeness to the will of Allah.

Money can be a beast if not managed correctly. It can turn people into spendthrifts who are the brothers of the devil. Spending without any manageable control can cut people off from building communities that compliments the society. African Americans we spend over 1.3 trillion dollars annually in terms of Gross domestic product. (GDP) is a monetary measure of the value of all final goods and services produced in a period quarterly or yearly.

We don’t have a New Africa or a Little Africa in any town or city to show for all of our unethical spending which is keeping us commercially alive but economically dead. Our faith has been so impaired that we can’t even picture a reality of us having our own businesses or our own institutions.

Muslims, we can also be cut off from the dignity and truthfulness in our religion when rejecting good efforts that will aid us in becoming Qur’anic, Literate.The same cut happens to Christians and Jews or any other religious groups when they are not literate in their scripture. Imams who want to win popularity contests become cut off from helping to bring the matter of justice to Allah. No rule other than Allah’s will result in justice for man and give him full freedom for the emancipation of his soul.

There was a divine intervention that took place for the emancipation of our soul by a Imam who was also a Reformer. He came and cut off the lifeline of the umbilical cord of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Mr. Fard Muhammad. We were rescued from our little island of “blackism” and ask to respond to the universal manual ( Al Qur’an) that was given to the prophets to nurture the soul of the human being. If we try to reconnect with that old cord we will be cutting off the new cord of the spirit of G-d that was in the wholeness and excellence of that Reformer.

Let us respect and appreciate this distinguished, obedient, balance and inspired soul. Allah did not bring us this far to be like the idiom of the dog chasing its tail, expending a lot of energy running around in circles without achieving a worthwhile objective. Allah has never left us alone without an aim or purpose for the destiny of our soul.

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