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The Business Person With Insight 2:261- Spend

The amazing allegory of those who give of their wealth, property, cash or livestock in the way of Allah is as a allegory of a single kernel growing like a plant of multiple seven ears of corn.

When the complete businessperson of character reflects on this verse they can see the many signs of Allah.The principles for example they can gain many material benefits in the way of stocks ,bonds, savings and real estate to name a few. Spiritual or moral benefits to the soul in the way of good works to the African American community and humanity at large. Than the investments by helping in to be charitable to those in need those who are injured , sick or who spend on family and if necessary ,assisting in building schools and community centers. This also aides in helping students to advance academically for a future in college or even business preparation..All of this and more in the way of Allah for believers of insight.


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