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  • Latifah F. Waheed Wangara

Spend Your Wealth In The Way of Allah 2:261

The comparison of those who spend their resources and possessions seeking the pleasure of Allah, Highly Glorified is He, is similar to the amazing single seed of corn that sprouts and grows with each ear doubling and multiplying a hundredfold.

Whoever spends wealth on his family and his relatives, for their maintenance, education, health, housing, and methods of transportation, and disburse his excess resources on those in need, and do not exhaust and squander them, will be rewarded.

The Believer who spends on his soul to cultivate it, who struggles and devotes himself/herself to being upright, and does not go astray or get lost pursuing things that are not beneficial to his soul’s growth and development, resembles the seed as it sprouts and grows; their good deeds too will grow. And for their sacrifice, obedience, and giving generously to others, Allah will double, and multiply their reward manifold.

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