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Obligatory and Voluntary Spending 2:261

When comparing the spending of an individual or group of people to a seed, we see manifold blessings from Allah. The free spending of one’s wealth, with the guidance of Allah, while seeking His pleasure from their possessions of real estate, cash, animal or other intellectual properties of work or inheritance is likened to the seed that multiples seven hundred times.

The conditions of deeds are a trial. Contingent upon the obligatory and voluntary good deeds of spending, blessings are returned and released by Allah, by ten times in growth. Just as the oneness of a single grain, sprouting to exist within, He multiplies the evidence of deeds for rewards.

Material concerns and responsible obligations of spending our wealth are not the only part of our obedience to Allah as we strive to attain righteousness. Our foundation supports any good deed, whether economic or political. Allah supports all that is good and recognizes the deed as an act of worship if it is good for the individual and society.

Spending in the way of Allah means to spend on ourselves and others, but we are not to deplete our money on foolish transactions or hypocritical intentions and extremism. Statistics show that African Americans earn less and, as consumers, spend more than others in our society. The aggregated data by analysts, government, business, labor, and academia, can generalize about our consumptive behavior in the U. S. population.

Obligatory and Voluntary spending in the way of Allah:

Charity: A righteous voluntary act that purifies our souls and wealth

Investment: Increase in financial power, focus on family life, ourselves, community, and education

Consumption: Spend or wisely buy your needs. Consumer theorists track our behavior in spending on goods and services. This includes credit card usage.

Taxes: Satisfy an obligation to fund welfare, the education system, pensions for elderly, unemployment, public transportation, accumulated government debt.

Savings: Contributes to the nation’s overall economic growth, your future financial security and allows banks to lend to businesses for expansion.

Allah grows the good deeds for the doer just as He grows the plant for whoever sows it in the fertile land.

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