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  • Abdul-Lateef Sabir

Spending To Grow 2:261

The astonishing comparison of those who invest their assets they acquired alone or with others or money or real estate, in the excellent path of divine guidance and struggle, is like one seed that unpacks and grows seven portions in the seed. In each portion is a hundred seeds. And Allah gives increases to whom he wills. And Allah is Far Reaching and All Knowing.

A person or people with good intent, can be misguided because that person or people fail to understand how to be obedient to Allah. Those two entities will not thrive as they should, if their concept of spending is limited to charity and not investing. G-d wants those who believe in him to live an abundant life in this life. That means to obey Allah in this regard, is to strategize and struggle to invest in things approved by Allah, that will yield astonishing returns and not mediocre returns.

If we look at a seed, it appears to be dead, but it’s not. Life is sealed in the seed and the pattern of that life is there as well. Our ideas are like the seed, which has the pattern to grow the different dimensions of our lives (economic, social etc..). If we obey Allah, by exhausting our various forms of surplus wealth, to invest in our future, by Allah’s grace, it will yield us 700 folds, and enable us to better help ourselves, our families, communities the sick and oppressed. Regardless of the trials we will go through, at the end of this journey of investing, Allah will have relief waiting for us.

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