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  • Rosemary Sharifah Sierras

Spending 2:261

The comparison of those who spend freely from their property or wealth in the way of G-d is like a grain of corn, sprouting and growing seven ears of corn, with a hundred grains in every ear . . .

When we spend from our wealth the way G-d tells us to spend, we will gain the most return from our spending. Spending in the way of G-d is the soundest investment we can make, and we get dividends on everything we spend. The returns come in many different ways. When we invest in our communities, and participate in trade and commerce, we stimulate the economy. When we spend on those less fortunate than ourselves, and spend to alleviate suffering, we give those we help an opportunity to contribute to the community and become independent.

Prophet Muhammed was a businessman before becoming a prophet, and he remained a businessman after becoming a prophet. Most of the people who followed him were poor. As a businessman, he was not trying to get rich; he was trying to help the oppressed by getting the rich to invest in the community through charity, thereby distributing the wealth and stimulating the economy.

Everything we earn, all the money we have, is from G-d. He provides for all His creations, and we are part of His creations. We should never forget our money is a loan from G-d. We are to spend from the surplus we have left, after we meet our obligations, no matter how small, in the way of G-d, or serving G-d and serving our communities.

We should spend on ourselves and our families. We should save for the future, and invest in our own businesses. We should spend on pilgrimage, and the teaching of the religion. We should spend to alleviate the suffering of others, such as helping the sick, or feeding the hungry. Money should circulate and serve the needs of the people in the community. When we spend on others, we are really spending on ourselves, on our own souls.

When we spend in the way of G-d, we obey G-d. And we do not horde and become corrupted by wealth.

Spend in the way of G-d and you will grow the value of your soul manifold.


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