• Alfonso Saahir

From A Seed To A Ripe Fruit 6:99

He is the One Who pours down water from the sky and it germinates every kind of varies vegetation of green foliage that becomes visible as grain stocks, vines of grapes, olives and date palm trees similar in their wrappings. They bunch together and they ripen hanging low for reaching. These alike and diverse clusters are good and beneficial. Reflect on them as they become visible and mature. Indeed in all of this is a communication for those who willingly submit.

There was a tree in the 1930’s that sprouted up in the Wilderness of North America called the Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West. From this tree grew a cluster of fruits called The F.O.I (Fruit of Islam) and The M.G.T. (Muslim Girls Training)

This tree first fruits yield was a little bitter for some people’s taste. On February 26,1975 came the logic and surgical language of a Reformer. His language such as “words make people” were like seeds planted in the fertile soil of the mind. These words struck a chord and help us out of the darkness of our black conscious thinking.Thus new seedlings of universal thinkers began sprouting.

We also became more aware that man and woman are not mere physical flesh entities with language like “man means mind” and “women means womb of mind.” These seedlings have become a ripen and mature fruit called “Bilalian” with a mission to “Remake The World”.

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