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Human Life Like a Plant 6:99

Allah is the One Who ordained to descend from the heavens small

drops of rain water, then He emerged into perception by it plant

germination of every kind.

Like the seeds of the fruit of the pomegranate tree that are nutritious,

juicy, and mildly acidic, similar and not similar. Certainly in that is astounding wonder for men and women who submit and accept guidance.

Allah made the human life as a parable of the plant life. Water for the plant is like spiritual food for the body. The likeness and unlikeness in the varieties of the plant life nurtured by the same water suggests to us that believers can be inspired to accomplish a wide range of beneficial goals and achieve high levels of progress, due to inspiration coming from the Word of Revelation.

The most powerful language that causes mankind to evolve

is the water of scripture found in the Qur’an!


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