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Development of Moral Conscience 6:99

It is G-d who made the water from the sky to come down and causes it to stop, and with it We bring forth growth of every kind. Out of it, We bring forth green plants, dates vines of close branches and well known fruits, each similar in kind yet different. Look at when it bears fruit and its ripeness, verily in these signs are for people who believe and are truthful. As Almighty G-d blesses creation and humanity with water from the heavens, causing it to produce all forms of life, plant as well as human. We can see the great vast benefits of it as water is symbolic to moral life. By producing the different forms of human life in various shapes and colors and grades of developmental progress, we should have a better moral life. And our moral senses should be stronger and our intelligence should be growing, thereby developing greater progress in our society today!


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