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Men, Women and The Rib - One Soul 4:1

Oh mankind, fear Allah, your Lord, with pious devotion as he created you from a single soul along with your mate and propagated a multitude of people from the two of you throughout the world; fear Allah and keep your duty to him.

Allah created man and woman from the same materials; one was not given more than the other. The Biblical story of the woman being created using the rib of the man is not found in the Quran. This ideal suggests that women were created inferior to men and that they needed something from the man’s body in order to be corrected or whole. The Bible also places the blame for Adam and Eve’s exit from the garden on the woman. Much of the mistreatment and disrespect that women receive up until the present day can be traced back to this story.

The truth is that the Bible is full of symbols, parables, and it hasn’t been protected from tampering like Allah has protected the Quran. The rib that is referred to in the story is a crooked one made that way for the protection of the organs that it surrounds. If one attempts to straighten these ribs, they wouldn’t function properly as they were intended to. The woman has been compared to a rib, if you try to straighten or change her, you can break her.


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