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How To Develop Your Soul, Nafsin Wahidah 4:1

Develop for your soul protection from the punishment of your Creator, that created you without a likeness of a preceding pattern. He created a mate for you having one soul, that is male and female with the same moral nature, and from the two produced all the men and women on the earth.

These are the acts of protecting the soul with G-d consciousness, regardfulness, and enlightenment that purifies the heart:

• Remembrance of Allah.

• Good character.

• Repentance to create consciousness from sin

• Pay attention to your inner thoughts.

• Perform obligatory prayers.

• Increase your kindness or acts of deeds.

• Read and study Qur’an daily.

This becomes a part of your subconscious when practiced. The most important thing about your subconscious mind is that it is always active, day and night. Consistent negative or positive indulgence causes one to become that thing in his soul.

The concept of Adam’s mate as an inferior being was created and taught by the (Christian Leadership) of the church and not found in the Qur’an, but Muslims were also influenced by the concept and transcended into the idea that the woman has no soul or intellect and is not a thinker. It was taught that women did not have souls like men, and came from the physical body of the man, but not from the mind or from the spirit of the man. This subjugated women to an inferior bias position in society and created a hierarchy for men to benefit themselves. Thus, causing discrimination and inequality toward women in society.

There is no difference between a man’s intellect and a woman’s intellect, between a man’s soul and a woman’s soul, you are mates of each other.

Ignorance of scripture toward women causes the man to behave according to what’s in his soul. If not protected, the soul will bare the burden of punishment on The Day of Judgement.


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