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Men and Women Created From One Soul, Nafsin Wahidah 4:1

Allah says to all mankind fear the power of your Master who created you from one soul. From it He made a companion. They were then placed in a physical form called men and women to reproduce and populate the world.

Many Muslims and Christians believe that the female was created from a curved left rib that protects the heart. This cannot possibly be true since the soul is the heart ,mind and spirit. The rib is a physical object . The heart is known for love, affection and emotion and woman are known to naturally possess these qualities. This is probably the cause of their illusions.

Men are prone to ignore what our hearts are telling us. Most women protect men and help them balance themselves because men sometimes only listen to their brains and not their hearts. Men see these female attributes as a weakness that disqualifies women for leadership and think that they are worthy of oppression. Women are the reproducers and first teachers of our children. They also have intelligence and are a compliment to the male. Created from one soul. This is the pattern established by our Creator.


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