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  • Beatrice A. Muhammad

Prophet Muhammed, The Excellent Model Uswah 33:21

Mohammed, the Messenger of G-d (prayers and peace be upon him) was raised in religious matters and was balanced in it. He is a desired, beautiful example who hoped and awaited the Day of Resurrection with preparation, excellence and contemplation. A magnificent model is he, the Messenger of G-d, in his words, his deeds and his life.

G-d, The Most High and Highly Glorified, commands the righteous people who believes in Him and the last day to emulate the example of Mohammed the Prophet in patience, perseverance, guarding and striving. Mohammed was a human being, born of a woman and man, a mortal like us, who lived on the earth. He was a husband, father, and a business man before becoming the Messenger of G-d. Through the struggles of his upbringing, G-d brought about a complete, perfect human being; a mercy to mankind for those seeking to be upright and righteousness to emulate or model after.

G-d chose Mohammed to be the model person and leader to guide mankind to human excellence and the establishment of model community life that will provide treatment and healing to the injured and needy. There are many who fit the category of injured and needy; however, of all the people, we find the African American people the most injured. As a result of slavery, our wounds are deep and generational and many of our experiences can be compared to many obstacles found in the life of the Prophet. Therefore, we stand the most to gain by following his example. We should carefully study his life and emulate it in order to improve ours and reach our human excellence.

However, G-d tells us that any human being who believes in Him and the last day, are upright and do good deeds, will find in Mohammed the Prophet, an excellent model.


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