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Uswah 33:21

Reconciling Conflicts Within

Surely, you have in the Messenger of Allah, one who is raised in religious matters, a great source, a preferable, beautiful example, for treatment and correction of the ills that pervades our society. The ills of ignorance, bad manners, abusive behavior toward women and cruelty to each other.

He lived a lifetime among his people who displayed the same ills that plague our society and he didn't have in him the prejudices against the slaves, prejudices against women or prejudices against black people. He treated people fairly. Allah chose him not because he was suffering or because he was pitiful, but because he was right for that position of an excellent example.

In Mohammed the Prophet you have the reconciliation of the human beings. Human beings have been struggling to get the complete life. But they had trouble achieving this goal because something inside was conflicting. The conflicts of Black and white, male and female, the spiritual and material, the spirit and the flesh etc.

Mohammed the Prophet’s teachings and actions will bring balance and reconcile the conflicts within ourselves, and elevate society by following his example of forbearance, perseverance and endurance.

The Holy Qur’an and Mohammed the Prophet has sparked society’s advancement and progressed society toward closer human relationships and development in technology.

Mohammed the Prophet is the best in human nature, form and behavior for any who anticipates, has regard for Allah and the Final Day and envision Allah’s Exaltedness with much contemplation.


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