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Uswah 33:21

The Model for Human Salvation

Prophet Muhammad was found straying and Allah guided him by sending him the religion and commanding him to stand upright in His religion, and to judge with moderation between people. We have in Prophet Muhammad one who treats and repairs the ills between people in the most desired and beautiful manner and he’s the pattern to follow and imitate for him who expects and anticipates the resurrection and he seeks to call upon Allah’s Majesty with reflection. They are those who believe within themselves what the Prophet believed and reconcile their belief with their actions.

Before Muhammad was selected as a Prophet he had excellent morals, he didn’t bow to idols, he wasn’t prejudiced against other races but, treated everyone fairly, he was honest, and kind to orphans and widows. He was so trustworthy that the rich would leave their wealth with him when they travelled. When he was chosen by G-d as a Prophet he had already gained the title among his people of “Al-Amin”.

Muhammad was groping in the dark but, he wasn’t groping in the dark for moral direction, he was groping in the dark for spiritual direction. He wanted to know how to guide his people to the right spiritual life. Then Allah gave him the Qur’an and he became the model human being that Allah wants all of humanity to believe in and imitate. If we live our lives the way the Prophet lived his life, by following his teachings, and works, Allah will lift us up and we will lift up all of humanity.

The world has been wounded with the wrong concept of g-d, which has produced the ills of genocide, slavery, racism, sexism and despotism. In order for the world to heal her wounds she needs to accept and follow the leadership of Prophet Muhammad. It is only by accepting Islam and following G-‘d’s model human being, Prophet Muhammad, can the world hope to resolve the conflicts that are dividing their societies against themselves and within themselves.


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