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Intoxicants and Gambling 5:91

Satan only wish and love that He create intense hatred and dislike between you with the intoxicating drink made from grapes, and in the ignorance of betting with arrows. Also He raise an objection and stop your heart from reflecting on G-d with lawful worship in speech and action beginning with glorification and ending with salutation to G-d. Then have you responded to prohibition?

From the earliest of time man has wronged himself with well known intoxicating drinks, and the ignorance of gambling that covers his awareness while corrupting his ability to think. Satan intensified the hatred in intoxication and gambling that it leads to more extreme sins.

This intoxication and gambling causes man to lose all of his rational and spiritual sense by moving away from reflecting on G-d. It causes one to be distant and far away from family yet they are physically there. Truly the hatred that Satan has created will cause all kinds of dysfunctional matters inside the family.

Intoxication and gambling will form a beast within.


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