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Intoxicants 5:91

Satan wants and loves to bring about apathy and intensified hatred between you with alcoholic drinks made from grapes and other fruits, and from the ignorance of divining arrows or games of chance . He also wants to prevent you from calling on our Lord,in the heart, in meditation and he wants to hinder you in worship in the beginning with glorification and the ending with salutation.So, will you respond accordingly ?

Throughout time, society has been plagued with the social ills of intoxicants and gambling . Even during the time of the Prophet intoxicants and gambling and games of chance was great concern in the Muslim society . And even today, we are still faced with these challenges. It is known that there is some benefit in it but there is also great harm that is associated with these ills. Some of the benefits of alcohol can be seen in science and in the pharmaceutical industry that is used for medicinal cures. However, many have become addicted to alcohol and drugs; wine,whiskey, opioids, marijuana, heroin,and cocaine. And many have become habitual gamblers; playing cards, dice, lottery, horse betting, and casino slots which has destroyed many lives and families.

G-d says, " Surely,drinking or taking intoxicants and gambling and games of superstition are works of the devil. So stay away from them if you expect to be successful ." These are some of the many schemes of satan, so be aware !



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