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  • Alfonso Saahir

Intoxicants 5:91

Satan’s Intoxicating Lies

Satan intends to cause harm, hatred, disgust and deviation through the controlled transformation of spirits and gambling, thus leaving you in a none favoring situation which stops you from giving your respect, your love, your admiration and your devotion to G_d. When will you quit giving into the influence of this agent?

We are to never think that we are so free that we don’t need something to govern what we do with our personal life.

Satan’s intoxicating lies are those that conceal, mix and cover our mental capacity from being filled up with the down pouring of pure truth that is naturally related to creation and the systems of knowledge. This is how Satan shows total arrogance and disrespect for the logical reasoning that G_d has placed in our mind to protect the sentiments of the heart.

Sentiments alone can’t calculate. Sentiments don’t know degrees of longitude and latitude. Intelligence knows that. Sentiments don’t know the nature of a disease. They know the effects. Intelligence knows the nature of the disease.

Man’s fallibility in his Will is permitting these intoxicating lies to overtake his emotional,spiritual and rational life because the self has not achieved the proper rulership within. Thus this is damaging our human sensitivities,our human perception, our human intelligence and our human freedoms.

When we learn to align our Will with G_d’s Will, we will gain the maturity to continue to grow and develop and obtain the maximum benefit from the clear language that is in G_d’s speech in scripture for our potential for the directional expression for our inner self.

This matured inner self then can rise in the light of understanding and remove us from being under the spell of the intoxicating lies from the most deceitful trickiest creature in creation.


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