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Avoidance of Shame 17:32 Fornication and Adultery

By all means, do not even approach or have intent regarding un-Islamic sexual relations. Be assured that it is a shameful dishonor, and it is an unfair, reprehensible pattern of living.

Professional pursuits as well as work situations can create an environment that can lead to promiscuity. Avoiding “one on one” private gatherings between the opposite sex is key to avoidance. There has to be care taken even when talking on the phone, texting, or using social media, to not use romantic overtures that can suggest shameful acquaintance.

The consequences can lead to guilt that can damage family communication, abandonment of family, and exploitation. The consequences cannot be calculated.

Adultery does not just pertain to sexual relations. In a religious community sense, it can also pertain to having intercourse or discourse with leadership that doesn't have reverence for the womb that bore the community!


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